Hydrating Lip Plump Treatment (15g pot)

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We don't think you are ready for this one!! The ultimate hydrating lip plump treatment is finally here to hydrate and plump! Using a blend antioxidants and botanical oils, Di'lamor has formulated the ultimate lip balm treatment.

Our Hydrating lip plump treatment is Infused with powerful peptides such as MatrixylSynthe6. We know that sounds really fancy so we will break it down for you.. MatrixylSynthe6 is a peptide that improves the internal and superficial lip texture with a visible impact on the lip shape. It increases of the lip volume, hydration and softness. 

In short it will keep your lips less saggy/dry and more perky/plumped.

Ok so while we have used ingredients to keep your lips hydrated and maintained for long-term enhancement, we have added hero ingredients to instantly give you plumped lips AND increase natural lip colour intensity. 

How does it work? That's easy to answer! One of the hero ingredients is Capsicum extract known as cayenne pepper. Once the lip balm is applied within few minutes your lips will begin to tingle (this is completely normal and to be expected). When this happens it means the cayenne pepper extract has kicked in and will begin to boost the blood flow to your lips allowing them to become instantly plumped and luscious. 

The results speak for itself, check our our before and after images and be sure to try it for yourself!

O.M.G how did we forget the most important details, your lip plumper will include lip applicators and be packaged in a MINI bag.. (See photos for reference).