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For best results, we recommend using the products for a minimun of 8 weeks.

Please note, these result may vary as everyones skin type is unique in their own way.

Yes! We have specifically formulated our new range to be gentle enough for dry/senstive skin.

Please note, if purchasing a mask, we highly recommend the Naturally Soothing Clay Mask for dry and sensitive skin.

Di'lamor uses active ingredients in order for you to acheive the best results. Some redness and tingling may occur however this is a result of the lower layers of the skin beginning to stimulate, your skin will than begin to promote new cell production which increases hydration, the removal of unwanted build-up of dead skin cells leaving your skin, soft, silky and smooth.

Redness that occurs after completing your skincare routine is quiet commnon esepcially if you have used a clay mask. The result is often a massive flush of blood to the skin, followed by temporary redness – it actually feels quite good though, considering that endorphins are also travelling along with the blood flow. The use of  clay masks is therefore a great way to improve blood flow dramatically in a short time, which will also oxygenate the skin, detoxify it and give you a clearer complexion. The resulting blood flow and oxygenation can also reduce wrinkles considering that increased blood flow also increases collagen production, which improves the skin elasticity.

Yes! Di'lamor is proudly Cruelty Free!

First we will always recommend you to enquire with your GP in regards to any products when you are pregnant.

However the following products are safe to use during pregnancy:

- Makeup Removal Pad

- Gentle Daily Cleanser

- Hydrating Toner

- Skin perfecting Serum

- Both Clay Masks

Please always use products in a safe manner according to instructions. These products are made for external use ONLY. If you have further questions, we would recommend contacting your GP.

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