Beautiful Skin In Just A Few Steps!

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Step 1: Remove makeup with Makeup Removal Pad, this is great to implement into your skincare routine especially if you wear makeup because this is basically like double cleansing!

Step 2: Double-Cleanse your skin with the Gentle Daily Cleanser, if you have removed your makeup then you only need to cleanse once, if you haven't, we recommend cleansing twice to ensure all oils, dirt's and impurities have been removed from the skin.

Step 3: Brush on the Clay Mask and wait 10 minutes. Our clay masks reduces inflammation and restores a youthful glow, without depleting the delicate balance of the skin's natural oils. We recommend to use at least once week.

Step 4: Use the Di'lamor Hydrating Toner. Why should you use a toner after cleansing? A Toner is an absorbing liquid that helps to remove excess dirt, traces of oil and impurities. A toner helps moisturise and balance the pH of your skin.

Step 5: Moisturise your skin with the Di'lamor Skin Perfecting Serum, this helps deliver powerful ingredients directly into your skin, leaving you with youthful glowing healthier skin.

On a daily basis, implementing even a simple skincare routine may strengthen and prepare your skin for the effects of ageing down the track. Lets take care of ourselves together, your skin deserves it and so do you!

We will regularly update our blogs, explain more about the skin in depth, provide skin tips and explain in details about the benefits of the Di'lamor skincare range. 

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