Double Cleansing

Double Cleansing - Why is it important, especially before bed?

Do you double cleanse?

We know it takes time but we also know how important it really is.
Just by looking back at Korean, French or Japanese skin rituals, you will come to realise it is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Especially if you wear makeup. Sleeping with an unwashed face or not removing your makeup correctly can lead to many skin issues.

Double cleaning once is just not enough because the first step of double cleansing ensures that your makeup and build up of dirt has been successfully removed before going in with your second cleanse. The second cleanse is usually a cleanser that is best suited for your skin. This helps remove excess dirt without depleting the delicate balance of the skins natural oils.

Here's how to double cleanse using the Di'lamor range:

Our makeup removal pads act as a pre-cleanser. You can remove your makeup with the pad just by adding water. Once your makeup has been removed, you can use the Gentle Daily Cleanser (cream form) to remove excess dirt and ensure the skin is left hydrated. 
If you do not wear makeup, you can use the Gentle Daily Cleanser for both steps to ensure all impurities that has been built up on the skin is washed away.